At AlleyWatch, we have been fortunate enough to be privvy to a ton of data and we'd like to share some of this data to be more transparent about our editorial process. On any given day, we receive a number of unsolicted PR pitches from firms all over the world asking for coverage for their clients. In late summer of 2017, we began tracking these pitches under the following criterion:
  • Relevant Pitches
  • Irrelevant Pitches
  • Total Pitches
  • Percentage of pitches that are irrelevant

  • Relevance of a pitch is determined by our editorial focus and editorial guidelines. If if we are pitched the same irrelevant pitch after we have informed the firm that this is not of interest, it is then recorded as another irrelevant pitch. We hope that you find this information useful. Please see the table below:


    "In the book I stated effectively that 'Startups should never hire a PR firm'" - Mark Cuban

    You could continue paying a PR firm to work on a best efforts basis, with a multi-month retainer to try and secure coverage for you. But after 3 months, 6 months, or even a year of paying retainers that result in sending out canned pitches that are irrelevant the majority of the time, as evidenced above, your company would have not only wasted time but also critical dollars that could be spent elsewhere. Or you could just run a marketing campaign on AlleyWatch with guaranteed placement to reach an audience of qualified decision makers at scale. To learn about the opportunities on our platform - please visit Advertising @ AlleyWatch.